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Privacy Policy

Rath Plumbing Co. believes that your personal information is your personal property and that you should be able to disclose your personal information at your own discretion.  Rath Plumbing Co. asks that you provide us with enough information to enable effective use of and interaction with our web site and company services.

Information we gather:
The personal information collected from customers includes an e-mail address, postal address, and name.  This information is collected directly from the customer by his submission.

What we do with your information:
The collected information is not used for marketing and e-mail addresses are not sold.  The customer's e-mail is required and is only used by Rath Plumbing Co. for communicating electronically with the customer as necessary to provide our company services to you.

In order to protect your interests:
The personal information collected is not disclosed to any third parties at any time.  All required personal information is never available to the public in any form.

Information gathered by the host server:
When users view pages on www.rathplumbingwharton.com, the server on which our site is hosted automatically logs certain information specific to the user.  The information includes the user's IP address, browser type, which domain (if any) directed the user to this site, user's country of location, and which pages on our site the user viewed.  The gathering of this type of information is done by all hosting servers and is not unique to the server on which Rath Plumbing Co.'s web site is hosted.  We receive this information from the host server in the form of statistics which we can use to determine what areas of our site most interest our users so we can concentrate on further developing and improving those areas.

Rath Plumbing Co. reserves the right to change its privacy policy if and when necessary.

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